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About Lale'

Lale R. Matossian, founder of Tulipa Yoga & Reiki, is Syrian born Armenian, raised in one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Damascus, is a licensed and certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master and certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT), which acknowledges the completion of yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

A linguist, speaking Armenian, Arabic, English, Bosnian/Croatian, and having studied Spanish, her languages, travels, athleticism, and work in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, combined with her experiences living in different cultures, facing, and overcoming various challenges and situations provided Lale with the ability to understand, feel, influence, empower, change lives and guide, all integral elements of Yoga which she was introduced to while living in California in 2010.

At a very young age, she started drawing phenomenal geometric shapes, mystical creatures, and writing poems in second language. By the age of 9 and 12 couple of her poems were posted in the newspapers in the early nineties.

Female artists weren’t supported in the middle east, and it was “inappropriate” to become a female artist in that region. She expressed her love to art through dancing in the Russian cultural center in Damascus, played basketball, practiced martial arts in her free time, traveled and visited ancient sites, ruins, monasteries, temoles, castles, and monuments in Syria and Lebanon before she continued her life journey and moved to Europe in the early 2005 , then to the USA in 2009.   

She enjoys looking and feeling young, sings, dances, writes, and loves to share her experiences, knowledge, influencing, empowering, guiding, and coaching others to reach their goals and enjoy a healthy, radiant, bright, and successful life.

“OM: the symbol of the Three in One, the three worlds in the Soul; the three times, past, present, future, in Eternity; the three Divine Powers, Creation, Preservation, Transformation, in the one Being; the three essences, immortality, omniscience, joy, in the one Spirit. This is the Word, the Symbol, of the Master and Lord, the perfected Spiritual Man.”
― Patañjali