7 weeks Body & Mind

Rejuvenating & Empowerment Packages

7 weeks Life Changing Experience!!!

Each package consists of 21 private sessions.

 3 sessions per week. 

2 x 90-minute kundalini Yoga sessions, and 1 x 60-minute Vinyasa Yoga session.

Sign up! Go with the flow & Enjoy life changing experiences in 7 weeks!

Heel through Wellness, Wellness & Wealth through Yoga & Reiki, Grow Mentally, Physically, & spiritually Strong!

Upgrade & Balance your life, make a progress, heel, grow Stronger, laugh, Shine & Glow!
Experience the magical transformation in 7 weeks

Focus on yourself, awaken, & rise up!
Go inward & reconstruct from within
Grow Mentally, physically, & spiritually

Experience the science of yoga to reach your highest potentials
Overcome obstacles, unlock & open the doors to bright opportunities.
Experience renewal, confidence, achievements & success

Discover the ancient teachings & experience the practices
Cultivate your confidence, creativity, & skills to achieve your goals & success with sacred practices
Gain strength, power & balance
Get detoxed, energized, uplifted & Nourished
Manage anger & Stress
Tone your body & get flexible.
Clear your mind & reconstruct your body
Build the resilient version of you
Glow & shine, look pure & younger
Improve focus, concentration
Improve your vocal cords & speech
Get rid of habits, addictions, & ease the withdrawal symptoms.
Experience a total transformation in 7 weeks, incredible renewal, life changing practices,
Get fulfilled with magical blessings & mantras.
Awaken the divine in you
Enjoy wellness, spiritual guidance, & fun times!

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